Workout 11.13.18

5 minute Stair Master. Stretch. 3 x 10 lateral shoulder raises 4 x 10 alternating bicep curls 4 x 12 seated row Incline abs to failure, alternating with plate shrugs. After completing shrug reps, hold  plate as long as possible for grip strength work. 100 sit ups with medicine ball 30 bosu ball squats

Workout 11.1.18

Stretch 3x10 bodyweight squats More stretching 4x12 alternating cable adductor/abductor 3x15 cable kickback 3x10 narrow pull ups (as many unassisted as possible, then assisted*) 3x8 wide pull ups* 4x12 standing lat pulldown alternated with 4x15 bent over row 3x15 shrugs 100 abs