Class Schedule

This strength training class takes the gym outside for a full body, muscle building, body shaping workout. Designed for any age and any fitness level, we will use body weight, dumbbells, squat bar, plates and MORE to build strength and to achieve a sculpted, lean appearance that will give you an extra boost of confidence. Join one class or both and get ready to SWEAT and have fun building a STRONG AND HEALTHY body! Classes start June 5!

Send a text to 330-322-8283 or email to save your spot! (Or use the form below)

Pricing is per 4 week session (cash only until furthur notice, pay at start of 4 weeks)

Garrettsville Village Park    Tuesdays  6:30pm        $32 ($8 per class)

Sunny Lake – Aurora       Thursdays 6:30 pm          $40 ($10 per class)

Combo: Garrettsville + Aurora                         $64 ($8 per class, 8 classes)

Garrettsville Drop in                                           $12 (one class)

Aurora Drop in                                                     $15 (one class)


Click HERE to print out registration and bring to your first class!