Workout 11.1.18

Stretch 3x10 bodyweight squats More stretching 4x12 alternating cable adductor/abductor 3x15 cable kickback 3x10 narrow pull ups (as many unassisted as possible, then assisted*) 3x8 wide pull ups* 4x12 standing lat pulldown alternated with 4x15 bent over row 3x15 shrugs 100 abs  

Maple Pancakes

Ripe banana Justin's Maple Almond Butter Gluten Free flour clarified butter cinnamon I don't usually measure when I make pancakes, I've made them so many times I just eyeball the ingredients. Mash banana together with almond butter in a bowl. Add some flour, cinnamon, and small amount of clarified butter (I make my own!). Stir … Continue reading Maple Pancakes