Workout 1.5.19

1.25 mile jog 3 x 12 close lat pulldown 3 x 10 dumbbell lateral raises 3 x 12 alternating bicep curl 3 x 10 alternating leg extension Superset with 3 x 25 weighted calf raises Abs: 25 times each. Repeat all as many times as you can. Full body sit ups Reverse Sit Ups Bicycle…

Workout 12.18.18

I had a couple low key gym days that consisted of 45 minutes of treadmill walking and headstand, forearm balance, and headstand practice. When I got back to the gym for a lift day (this day), I felt stronger and more motivated. Sometimes your body just needs a little break to come back even better….

Workout 11.23.18

15 minutes on Stair Master, speeds 8-10, 1000+ steps 3 x 20 incline abs, alternating 3 x 6 (heavy weight to failure) shoulder raises 3 x 15 alternating bicep curls 30 minutes yoga; for me this is forearm and hand balance practice (really hard after an upper body workout!)