Before Your Warm-Up

Exercise is a basic human need and can make you feel your best in every area of your life. There are many benefits and I think everyone should know the basics in order to meet goals and feel their healthiest for their entire life. Cue Workout Basics. On my new Freebies tab (see above), you’ll…

How to Start

I think it is incredibly important to take care of ourselves every day, but especially now in the current world we live in (due to Covid). Most of us are living completely different lives as we figure out how to stay safe and keep our families healthy. What we eat, how we move, and how…

Workout 11.29.18

3 x 10 bodyweight squats, stretch in between. 4 x 12 alternating cable adductor/abductor 3 x 15 Bulgarian squat, each side 3 x 10 single leg extension 1200 stairs on Stair Master, about 15 minutes.

Workout 11.27.18

3 sets to failure – side shoulder raises alternating with font raises 3 x 15 upright row 4 x 10 lat pull down 4 x 10 rear delt machine 3 x 12 seated row superset with 3 x 15 shrugs 3 x 10 chest press machine 3 x 12 each side, torso rotation machine 2…

Workout 11.25.18

5 minutes on Stair Master 3 x 12 leg extension 3 x 15 stationary lunge, alternating sides 4 x 12 bent over row, alternate with 3 x 12 shoulder press 3 x 15 back extension, alternate with 3 x 10 body weight squats

Workout 11.23.18

15 minutes on Stair Master, speeds 8-10, 1000+ steps 3 x 20 incline abs, alternating 3 x 6 (heavy weight to failure) shoulder raises 3 x 15 alternating bicep curls 30 minutes yoga; for me this is forearm and hand balance practice (really hard after an upper body workout!)

Workout 11.20.18

30 body weight squats 50 body weight calf raises, alternating with 3 x 10 leg extension 4 x 5 (heavy weight) lateral shoulder raises 3 x 20 each leg stationary lunge 3 x 10 rear delt machine 4 x 15 standing lat pull down 3 x 12 back extension

Workout 11.13.18

5 minute Stair Master. Stretch. 3 x 10 lateral shoulder raises 4 x 10 alternating bicep curls 4 x 12 seated row Incline abs to failure, alternating with plate shrugs. After completing shrug reps, hold  plate as long as possible for grip strength work. 100 sit ups with medicine ball 30 bosu ball squats

Workout 11.11.18

I stretch and/or do yoga most mornings so I’m ready for the day and always ready for the gym. Make sure to loosen up muscles before each workout, and stretch after to help prevent soreness.   30 squats. Stretch. 3 x 12 each side Bulgarian split squats 3 x 12 leg extension machine, 50 calf…

Workout 11.9.18

Stretch. Use light weights during stretching to prepare muscles for workout. 4 x 12 Lateral shoulder raises. Use heavy weight to failure^, finish with smaller weight. 4 x 15 Plate shrugs 4 x 10 Rear delt machine 3 Round Superset for grip strength: Close grip hang to failure. Close grip pull ups to failure. Wide…