Workout 11.15.18

I usually start or finish my workouts with squats. I had low hip mobility until I started doing yoga so squats were always tough for me. Once I started stretching regularly squats became easier, but I still feel tightness in my hips sometimes so I don’t like to add heavy weight.

30 squats, stretch.

3 x 12 leg extension, alternated with 50 calf raises

3 x 20 plate bent over row, short rest between sets

4 x 12 cable abductors alternate with 

4 x 10 cable adductors

3 x 15 Bulgarian split squat with weight (I used 25 lb plate)

550 steps on Stair Master (6 mins)

Workout 11.11.18

I stretch and/or do yoga most mornings so I’m ready for the day and always ready for the gym. Make sure to loosen up muscles before each workout, and stretch after to help prevent soreness.


30 squats. Stretch.

3 x 12 each side Bulgarian split squats

3 x 12 leg extension machine, 50 calf raises between each set

3 x 12 adductor machine and 3 x 15 abductor

3 x 12 Torso Rotation machine

3 x 15 Cable glute kickbacks

500 steps on Stair Master