Super Spicy Jalapeño Bake

Fresh JalapeñoRed cabbageRiceRed LentilsBlack beansCornTaco seasoningsToppings: Franks Buffalo Wing sauce, Primal Kitchen Ranch, Chipotle Hemp Hearts I started by cooking the rice and the lentils, separately, in small saucepans. Each takes two cups water to one cups dry ingredient. Cook until water is absorbed. While the rice and lentils cook, I prep the jalapenos (with … Continue reading Super Spicy Jalapeño Bake

Workout 1.21.19

I didn't write a couple of my workouts down before this one because I recently signed on as a personal trainer at my gym and have been talking to so many new people during my workouts. I went from knowing zero people at the gym and now I talk to so many people every time … Continue reading Workout 1.21.19